Joys of Springtime

I like spring. Winter is cold. Summer is hot. I like spring!
I've never done alot of this. Mom and Dad had a small garden. I liked the idea of it when I was like 6. (Mom liked the idea that I liked the idea) So one day she decides to let me help her pick and snap beens. Half way down the first row I told her," Ok, I don't really like this anymore." Anyways, they never had much more than tomatoes (when I was old enough to remember) But my husband likes it. YES, he does! We planted a LARGE garden this year. It has two varieties of squash, zuccini, radishes, four kinds of potaoes, oh, yes, and sweet potaoes :) two varieties of pumpkins, ruebarb, raspberries, strawberries, three varieties of sweet corn, green beens,tomatoes, and about 4 rows that aren't planted. He doesn't know for sure what will go there, "propably cabbage, spinach, and peppers". Needless to say, but he likes gardening! So I need to learn to can... and get some canning jars! Oh, yes! and a canner! Anyone have one they want to get rid of? :)
It's really doing pretty good... I think! What do I know?!

Garden photos courtacy of my wonderful gardener!

This is our door... to our garage... I love our old farmhouse!

Then I asked my wonderful gardener to pose for me... I like the door, love him!

I'm not as cooperative!

But I can be sweet, with much effort!

We also have a grape vine...

My wonderful gardener also likes flowers. We have a garden center right next door... by-by money! :) (he's done good...) Anyways, he found these fairly cheep at Lowes and bought them for my flower box on our front porch.
Birthday BBQ for Levi's 28th

I didn't know who to invite, and he didn't want to plan his own party. So I got a list off our wedding invites for him to choose some. There were about 50 on the origial list. If you know Levi very well at all, "yeah they all look good" So if he want it, I'll do it! I ended up inviting more than that cause Levi would suggest more. We had 50 people on a rainy evening! Thank goodness for barns and large houses... and mops!

Because the children got muddy... then they came trampling in the house
to get the candy that I had sitting out.

This was Monday morning... Mom did the dishes for me Sunday night. I was so exausted. She's really a wonderful Mom, she is! I spent Monday mopping, cleaning, eating leftover baked beans (we've been doing that for the last week, they're only have gone...) Come on over if you like 'em, we're getting tired of them!

That Monday evening we desided to have our supper (of baked beens) outside... it was GORGEOUS!

We didn't REALLY have baked beens... we just have nearly every night since then. My hubby grilled Vinegar Chicken... (WONDERFUL, I'll post the recipe if I remember!) Potatoes, and Asparagus. Mmmm... gotta love a summer meal ouside!

We were just sitting there enjoying supper and sun. I turned around and there was a "herd" of clouds coming our way. Withing (literally) two minutes our food was blowing off our plates. We carried everyting inside (that hadn't blown away) and finished inside!

(after the supper...)

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  1. I told Levi that when you two made the garden, you forgot you will have to weed all of it! SO my solution is a "feed n' weed" party...you feed me i'll weed your garden. pretty sweet deal, eh? :D the party was so much fun...i love that shot of owen in the bucket. crazy kids. :)


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