I'm A Winner!

Guess What?! I just won a giveaway! As I mentioned a couple posts ago, the lovely lady from Six in one Hand... Madness in the Other was giving this darling wall clock away. When I first saw it I decided to enter, not only because it's darling, but also we only recieved ONE wall clock for our wedding, and we have a large house, in need of more clocks! But I never win giveaways, not even the cheapie door-prizes. Sometimes I'll enter into giveaways or door prizes simply because I'm so desperate to win something! So I entered, and WON, and it's even one that I REALLY wanted! I'm so happy right now!

Go check out her blog...
It is absolutely darling! :)


  1. yaaaa!! this gives me hope, because i have been entering a giveaway for a horses trailer:: tehe.. you never know i guess ;*) enjoy your clock:*)

  2. How fun is that! That's a beautiful clock... Thanks for visiting my blog :) It's so nice to meet you! Blessings-


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