Haitian Child

This little boy is John Daniel Labat.
He just turned 2 years old two days ago.
I was sad, he didn't get anything, no celebration, I didn't even hear about it until that evening when Hal was holding him and shared some. It didn't hit me until the next morning. We should have sang happy birthday and given him at least a pack of smarties.

But I didn't think of it... until later. I asked Kris his story. Here is some of what she told me.

His Father left his mother while she was expecting. His mother didn't care too much about him, she was just in the mood for a good time. She would leave him with folks in the community and haul off to have fun and be who she wanted to be. There was a man she often left him with that had a lot of the same story- he was raised by an older lady in his community because his mother had abandoned him. He wanted to make sure this little boy had a better future, so he got several in the community to find the mother and bring the baby to the orphanage. The mother was more than willing to go along with this, she didn't want him. So a large group arrives here at HIS Home for Children.

This is John's story, one among about 40 here, many more here in Haiti, and even more throughout the world.

"Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this; to visit orphans and widows in their afflictions... James 1:27

Thank you for letting me share my heart, which is currently with these wonderful children! Keep praying for our team and these children.

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  1. Precious boy. I love that you told his story. I would be stuffing my pockets full of babies if I were there! I hope he finds his perfect forever home.

    Thanks for the sweet comment earlier today. It means so much to know that there are others who "get" the stuff that I'm working through right now!



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