Haiti #1

What is your story?
There is a purpose, what is it?
Where is your hope?
I’m sure my story of Haiti is much different than it is to the Haitians. To them it is life. To me it is a sad story. We are staying at His Home for Children. This orphanage has about 40 beautiful children here that rip at my heart. I am a child-lover, but I have never felt so much love and compassion for a child. Here is my journal entry from earlier today.

Day #4 in Haiti. All is going good. I am sitting here in line for the outside shower Levi and I built. All the children tear at my heart. I wonder if they do that somewhat on purpose- just to get a family, to finally be the chosen one. I want to wrap them in my arms forever- nearly all of them. They have their cute and sassy personalities. I’ve always read in the Bible and such of orphans. They were all the same in my mind; quiet, fearful, cute in their own way. But they are just like me. They talk and laugh and run and sass. They want love and talk about their moms’. They love gift and cling to they’re new Shriek stuffed animals and laugh as I recite donkey quotes, even the 14 year olds. They lay their sweet colored hands on my notebook pages just so I can notice them and remember they’re there. They fight, they love, they give fabulous hugs, they even steal candy from my bag and justify if by saying it was from another “blah” (white person in Koreal). I love them. They- each one- have a tender heart, beautiful face, and all of them have hurts and stories. They amaze me. They are incredibly strong. I strongly respect them. They innocently love Jesus and trust Him fully, not only because He is all they have, not only because they have seem Him is such large ways- simply because they realize He is worthy of all honor and praise for He is truly God. (this is revealed through their singing). This, Lord, is why I want to have faith as a child (which I never understood as well as I do now). The toddlers all reach up to you as soon as you walk in their bunk room and cry for “ma-ma” or “pa-pa”. It makes me hurt.

This is much of what I’m feeling. I’ve made so many friends that I am loving so much. Here are some photos of what we have been doing and how Haiti is.

Working hard for His Home for Children.

Us gals sorted throught (and still are) boxes full of donations.

Levi and I built a shower for outside so we could have running water from a hose instead of a bucket bath inside.

Barbara andVideline's mom stopped by Friday and we gave her a gift the girls picked out for her.

Waling the streets. They are full of beautiful people.

They men still working hard a few days later.

This is Tasha- She is entirely too cute!

We attempted to do laundry. The Haitians laughed at us because we couldn't do it very well.

Barbara and Videline got a give for their friend Jasmine. It was her 9th birthday.

Sunday was amazing. It started out as sunday school in the driveway, with children in their best attire. They sing with loud proclaiming voices. We them cram in the back of a box truck with cage-like doors and ride off to the English-speaking church. They have about 300 attendies.

They have a talented worship group and everyone "pipes" in. They have PIPES and they USE them.

This is Ester(14), Tasha (baby), Rachelle (14), and Marline(employeed nanny).

Sunday we took a walk through the streets Sunday afternoon, visited CAM and Clint and Brenda came down to visit. They're planning on going back to the mountains Wednesday.

The children follow you all through the streets.

Uncommon? NO!

This is a tent city out of the city, people are moving out of the city of Port-au-Prince somewhat.

So this is what I have seen of Haiti so far. I'll get more photos later, but not this many. It took me TOO long to get all the photos on computer, resized, edited, uploaded, and in order. :)

Keep praying for us, we need it.

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  1. I am SO glad to have a glimpse at all you're feeling and going through right now! And I love the pictures...I wish I could make them bigger but I'll have to wait and see them when you come back. Love you and praying for all of you!
    xoxo m


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