Snow, Clutter, and Lists

I was rudely awakened this morning by my terrible phone-alarm clock. It's worse than humans. Humans get the idea after a while, you know when they keep jabbering and you ignore then, usually they get quiet and walk away. But no, not my alarm clock. It kept jabbering every 5 minutes for a HALF HOUR. I didn't even tell it to, it simply did. So I decided to get up and turn it off. That is when I saw them... snow and ice. I don't think those two words belong in a blog post created in (nearly) April. But nature is forcing me. Yes, snow is pretty in December and January, but I want April showers to bring me May flowers. So the scared woman I am... I called in at work and asked permission to stay home and live. So this is where I am. My husband... built me a fire and I forgot to "feed" it. You see, we never had a fire place growing up and and fires were very off limits, so I know nothing of "stoking" them. I do something more along the lines of "killing" them. But I got it up and going and I got meself a white-WOman fire... Yes I can make fires.
There's lots to do around the house today. I need to sweep and mop because I haven't mopped since we moved in almost a week ago. I need to organize dressing room. My sister in law did a wonderful job of getting that organized, now i just need to make sure I know where everything is. I want to get this lovely cabinet in the kitchen and set up with our coffee collection. My brother and husband worked on it a couple nights ago (Thanks to you both.)

(Sorry about the photos of the cabinet... they were taken in a dark barn.) The cabinet was painted antique white, "roughed up" by sanding, and given a coat of antique, yellow tinted varnish to give it an overall antique look. We put big red and bronze knobs on the little drawers (for the top) and doors. For the bigger drawers we put black old-fashioned half-sphere pulls. I'll get a completed version photo uploaded as soon as my hubby says it's ok to put it all together... when the varnish cures. (good excuse to make cards, like "get well" and such...)

That however, is a whole new subject... sigh... this is my craft room/office in current condition. OH! the joys of moving. I just found 2 overdue bills yesterday, which were stashed away in our filling cabinet, with drawers against the wall, behind much other "junk". Besides the mishaps of life... everything is good. Sitting on our comfy couch in our 70s style living room, sipping coffee, blogging, wrapped in a blanket that was thretened to be taken away along with our fire place last night (nice try, Kellie M.).

Now off to stoke the fire that's getting back to normal size and mop and organize and get this place to more of an organized, home-like, living space. (is organized, home-like living space a big oxy-moron?)


  1. Oh honey.. You will soon be a pro at stoking that fire. LOVE the warm free heat but HATE the MESS!!!

  2. Mom cleaned it out when we moved in. We've had two fires since we've moved in. There's a large pile of ashes. I told Levi, "So you have to clean these things out often?!"
    I quite literally know nothing!

  3. Hey, You don't know me personally. I'm Alyssa Scott's sister who is BFF's with Morgan Coy! (does that make sense?...) I was told you are a HOOT!! I hope you don't mind if I follow you blog!

    In Christ



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