My Wonderful Husband

Hi! It's me, Lauren... do you remember me? Well, its been so long since I've blogged... WAIT! No it hasn't, it's just that I wanna do a new post as soon as I post... it's all new and exciting for me, and I like blogging. And it's fun to hear my husband say things like, "If I knew how to follow blogs and had time to, I'd follow you." or "I like to see you doing things you like. After napping, why don't you scrapbook?" Folks, I'm NOT kidding. This is my sweet husband and I a few days after we got home from the most wonderful place for a honeymoon (Newport, Rhode Island):

He likes to see me doing things I like, and doing them with me, and letting me brag on him about anything (even face-masking).

He buys me wonderful things. Like this gorgeous coat he purchased on our honeymoon while he was out for a run and I was "napping" (only I really sneaked a call into my wonderful Mom... see I missed her!)
He buys me garlic dill pickles. This may seem like a small and odd thing, but, see, you must really know me to understand this one. Garlic is simlpy divine... it's worth putting in everything and I actually do put it in more things than normal people do... and dill pickles, O WOW... when we go to delis and they serve a dill pickle with your sandwich, ya know, well I like it better than the sandwich. Levi actually laughs at my expression as I eat them. I mean I really like these things... so I was thrilled. He buys me bubble bath and meets me at the door when I get home from work all ready with candles and wine and my scrapbooking magazine. He also bought me yummy Creme Brulee two nights in a ROW, which I love...

He lets me be who I am, no matter if thats crazy...

or fancy and dressy...
He even wears pink for me!

And best of all, He committed to being my mate, supporter, leader, and lover for life.

But I know to many of you this is just newly-married ramblings that are "gross". So moving on... we moved in the new cabinet but I havn't gotten a photo, I promise it'll come. I also havn't gotten a photo of our house... but I do have this which is taken outside the kitchen window. It gives the tones of an old house.

I'm also realizing we have 10 days until we leave for Haiti. Ask me a question about it and I'll say yes. So many people have asked, "Are you nervous?" "Are you excited?" "Are you scared?" And I just reply with yes beacause I feel it all. This is my hubby's 4th return, but it's all new to me. I'm thankful he'll be there with me. So you can pray for our team that's going... (thanks).

Today my aunt Judy took me to a place in Kettering called Alley-Cat Chic. They do lots of refinishing and fixed-up flee market finds and things. It was so fun... I got a few things like a $1 yellow scrapbook, metal letter organizer I'm going to one-day repaint, red old-fashioned chopper, and fun little finds of the like. Thanks Aunt Judy... you're a great bunch of fun!

This should be it for now... I'm starting to just run-on... ta-ta-for-now! (Pooh-bear is the best cartoon)

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  1. mmm Lauren! I'M LOVING YOUR BLOG SINCE I HARDLY EVER TALK TO YOU AT THEM MOMENT: a big angry face at busy days! I crave to be never to busy for a friend;*) anyways:: keep up the blogging: me love! :*)
    Happy day..


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