Well now, first post! Although, of course, I have no followers yet, I really feel like I'm putting myself out there. Even though I happen to be only 17, I am a little old-school and somewhat anti-tecky. Not only because I don't understand much of it, but also because it can make it "easier" to not connect, at the same time it can help connect by following each others lives on things like blogs and facebook, so I debate with myself regularly about that... it does help that I can agree with nearly anyone on the subject.

For anyone out there who knows me not, "Hello, I am Lauren!"
I'm what they callED a social butterfly, until I met my husband... now I am content being with him. He, however, is truly a social butterfly and some days it really wears me out!
I am a crafter... and I hope to get photos on here of my work soon.
We are in the process of moving to our "new" home (My grandpa grew up here. He bought it and my mother also grew up there) It's a gorgeous large brick farm house with a large barn. The only problem is there are new buildings all around it, so it is no longer a "country" home. On the brighter side, one of the buildings is J.D. Custard, so that brightens my spirits!
My wonderful husband is (as i mentioned) a social butterfly, as well as a big-time dreamer. So me, being a realist, tries to tie him down to life enought to keep him from blowing in the wind, yet give him freedom in life enough to enjoy it. Will I ever find the balance?
I am office manager at a little CNC Manufacturing plant called IntriG of Ohio, Inc, standing for "I Need to Rest in God". Mmmm... should be a daily reminder for me, but I often forget! (Help me, Father)
I really don't like blogs without photos (yes, I say photos, not pix or pictures, I have a good friend-photographer and a brother-photographer ... therefore I am picky)But this first post is done on not my computer so I don't have photos easily-accesible. SORRY! I'll get some of the house on soon as well as decorating or just whatever I feel like!
I have an iPod and my favorite thing about it is shuffle. That's because I love any type of music, save jazz and opera. I have Gaithers, REO Speadwagon, Barlow Girl, VeggieTales, Bill Cosby, Tim McGraw... and other various artist.
I like to ramble and "do" run-on sentences... so thanks for putting up with me!


  1. I happen to really like both jazz and opera, my dear. Nice blog. I like. I intend to be your first follower, as soon as i figure out how. :)

  2. Good job at the "figuring out how" and thanks, dear, for following me. It make me feel quite happy to know my writing is worth the reading of my brother! :) Blessings on your day!

  3. OOOHHH...I love to follow blogs of people that I know. Looking forward to reading about and seeing LOTS of pics from you...I agree...blogs without any pics are, well, um, boring!!

  4. Angie ShellabargerApril 9, 2010 at 2:51 PM

    Lauren when on earth do you have time to blog all of this! You need to come and help me clean my house! :)


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